Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kerrys Chair New Update

Ok....I know its been awhile, but since I have a few years till I can follow my dream, I gotta pay the bills!  This chair is very near and dear to me, so I wanted to do it right, but family life, kids, my job, and one unfortunate accident mid refurbishment strung this one out.....but finally....its ready for the fabric!!!!!!!

The Frost Rocking Chair Update

As I stated before....the years and years of buildup, dust, petrified oil products and dry air meant most of my work on this was strictly by hand.....as long as it took it paid off once I had it down to bare wood. Chemical stripper and steel wool were my friends...

The Frost Rocking Chair

This was one amazing project! An offer to refurbish a family treasure.....close friends of ours, and it proved to be more of an undertaking than I thought! I'm guessing pre 1900's judging from the hand made nails and hardware...it had been re-done before but the years of gook and buildup meant most of this project was done by hand and not my trusty tools. But the finished product proved to be worth it!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Woods of Tennessee

Believe it or not this was taken while turkey hunting in Cedar Hill, Tennessee. Some people find it boring to sit in one place for hours...keeping still and not making any noise....but when you look at scenery like this, its easy!